I am a Software Engineer focused on creating solutions by building practical tools and web applications in a wide variety of business applications.

Working in the computing industry for the past 12+ years with experience in architecture, design, development, and delivery of many custom software solutions for corporate, personal and nonprofit clients including Apple, Microsoft, Amazon, Twitter, Disney, Coca-Cola, MMGY Global, and Wyndham using various technologies including Ruby, Rails, Go, Python, Caffe, Tensorflow and many more.

I also founded Trocando Jogos, an innovative peer-to-peer service that lets you legally trade used video games and buy new games in the most cost effective way with no monthly fee or subscription fee – Trade games you don’t play anymore for others you want to.

I live in San Francisco, CA Itapema, SC – Brazil with my wife (where I shot my photos), and travel whenever possible.

For more on my backstory, check out my linkedin and github.